Run Atlanta: Haven in the City

July 25th, 2014 | In Local Running News, Run Reviews, Running Meets Life

I ran this one the night the US got knocked out of the World Cup. I ventured north to historic Brookhaven, one of Atlanta’s shiniest jewels, for a 4-mile therapy session. The run basically loops around Capital City Country Club and its golf course, and along the way it passes by gorgeous home after gorgeous home. I got a neck crick that I had to stop and massage out.

The run is also great because it starts at the MARTA station, so you can come by car, bus, or train. There’s a tiny village of restaurants there where many locals were recovering from the World Cup loss with a hearty beer instead of a hearty run. Go figure.

Regardless of whether I should’ve been drinking with everyone instead, the setting sun and quiet streets were a priceless therapy, and the architecture and landscaping were lovely distractions from the muggy heat. Brookhaven is worth visiting, maybe even taking the time to stroll. The two things that surprised me, however, were the scarcity of sidewalks and the inexplicable fact that almost every street was either named “Brookhaven” or “Club,” making it both painstakingly obvious where I was and absolutely impossible to know where to go. I found myself stumped at a Brookhaven-Brookhaven or Club-Club intersection multiple times, ultimately deciding that if I veered right at every fork, I would wind up where I started. And so I did.

Course Highlights:

  • The houses are beautiful
  • The streets are mostly quiet and mostly flat

Course Notes:

  • Total ascent: 194.57 ft.
  • Canopy: shady
  • Pit stops: the patio bars at the entrance to the neighborhood, of course


  • You can either start at the MARTA station or Brookhaven Park, which is just a block or two north on Peachtree Blvd. Either way, cross the street from the MARTA to Brookhaven Dr. NE
  • Veer left to W Brookhaven Dr. and run past the country club
  • Turn right onto Club Dr. NE
  • Veer right when you get to Davidson Ave.
  • At the dead end, turn right onto E Brookhaven Dr. NE and run that all the way down to the entrance again

Add distance by:

  • Continuing on Club Dr. instead of veering on Davidson, then turning left on E Brookhaven and right on Mabry Rd. and following that down until it reunites with E Brookhaven
  • Including beautiful Oglethorpe University on your route, which is less than a mile away, just north on Peachtree Blvd.


Written by: Emily Overcarsh

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» Dottie Setliff

Jul 25, 2014 at 04:07:27

Definitely one of my favorite run routes. At least once a week. What about the general lack of vehicles! And the awesome shade!