Run Atlanta: Around the World (of Coke) Challenge

August 15th, 2014 | In Run Reviews, Running Meets Life, Training

This silly little run challenge was inspired by a recent Coca-Cola advertisement which showed people exercising on stationary bikes to burn off enough calories to drink one can of Coke. While it might seem strange for a soft drink company to imply that people should exercise more to justify drinking their beverages, it piqued my interest. I asked myself: How many times would someone have to run around our own World of Coke to earn going inside and buying one?

A can of regular Coke is 140 calories. I have a Garmin watch which calculates my calorie burn as I run along, so with that I just started doing laps. The perimeter of the building is exactly a quarter of a mile. By my third lap, a few people sitting on benches and two overeager families waiting for the doors to open were starting to recognize that the same runner was passing them every two minutes.

It took me 5 ¼ laps “around the world” to burn the calories in a Coke. It was a 12-minute run, which is admittedly much shorter than it takes me to actually drink a whole can. Even though the laps were a little repetitive, it was surprisingly fun. I suggest coming with a friend and racing in opposite directions. After you finish, head into Centennial Olympic Park to cool off in the Olympic ring fountain, or go just down the street to the world’s nicest Waffle House. I began to wonder, how many times would I have to run around a Waffle House to earn my chocolate chip waffle?

To add some distance, I ran to and from the Decatur and Peachtree Center MARTA stations on my commute. On the way back, I passed some men unloading frozen hamburger buns from a refrigerated truck. They were kind enough to stop their work and let me stand in the icy mist for a minute, so I hope some good karma is headed their way. As for that Coke I earned, I’m really more of a Coke Zero kind of girl. I guess I could’ve just slept in. Take on the challenge and see how many times you would have to run around the World of Coke to earn going inside and buying one.

Course Highlights:

  • The World of Coke ticket line provides peppy background music for a good third of the loop, even when it’s closed, apparently
  • It would be interesting if enough of us starting circling the building that Coke took notice
  • When you finish, you’re in the heart of the city, and Centennial Olympic Park is a great place to cool down

Course Notes:

  • Total ascent: 28.07 ft. per loop
  • Canopy: None
  • Pit stops: The World of Coke gift shop and other vendors in the area, or water fountains in Centennial Olympic Park


  • I suggest taking the MARTA to Peachtree Center station instead of looking for parking, in which case you would emerge and follow Andrew Young International Blvd. west to Centennial Olympic Park, then turn right to hit the World of Coke on the northern end (If you’re turned around, find the Hard Rock Café guitar at the intersection of Andrew Young and Peachtree St. and head down Andrew Young in the direction of the Westin)
  • Run around the building. You can go in any direction you like

Add distance by:

  • Running around Centennial Olympic Park
  • Earning another Coke

Written by: Emily Overcarsh

World of Coke Challenge

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