Peachtree Dry Run

June 29th, 2011 | In Run Reviews

The past few weekends some of the local running groups collaborated to organize a group run known as the “Peachtree Dry Run”. The concept was pretty straightforward; it simply involved running the AJC Peachtree Road Race course (Official Course Map, Garmin Data from 2010).

Some of us are training for fall marathons, so we took the opportunity to organize a subset of runners to run the course forward and backwards. It was approximately a 12 mile run for most of us, and it running Cardiac Hill backwards made it feel like a piece of cake (Garmin Data from the Peachtree dry run I participated in this past Sunday).

I must admit though, the best part of the run was running into the Atlanta Track Club volunteers who had set up a water station right before the infamous Cardiac Hill. The first time I did the run, I had no idea that they were out there which made the discovery so amazing because the water was plentiful and cold!

For the run, there were so many runners out there running on the course! I would say I saw almost 1% of the race registrants out there running, which is actually a lot considering there are 60,000 registrants this year.

I hope everyone has trained well for this year’s Peachtree! It’s going to be the biggest yet. While I’m sure Cardiac Hill gets most of the attention for being so tough, I personally find the hill after Cardiac Hill, and the small hill on 10th Street  just before the descent towards the finish, to be extremely daunting. That isn’t to say that Cardiac Hill isn’t worthy of its legacy… it’s still a pretty tough cookie to deal with!

Since I’ve trained running the Peachtree course forwards and backwards, I will say I’m glad the official AJC Peachtree Road Race course is not in reverse (from Piedmont Park to Lenox).

Now I want to know… how many of you have done a Peachtree course dry run? Happy running! See you on the 4th of July!

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