It’s our Turn

June 30th, 2014 | In Events, Running Meets Life

Written By Brendan, Leo and Emmett O’Neill

10 years old, Triplet brothers from Charlotte, NC

We have spent every 4th of July of our lives standing in front of Christ the King Cathedral with our Grandma, waiting for our Mom and Dad to run by us.  We have seen 10 Peachtree Road Races starting in 2004 because it is a family tradition for that our Grandpa started in 1980.  Finally, we get to run it this year!  This will be our first 10K, but we have run many 5Ks and participated in Let Me Run this year at our school in Charlotte.  We have trained a lot and stretched, too (the hardest part). Here is what we are most excited about:

  1. Running the same race as Meb!!!!!!
  2. Running by our Grandma and little sister at CKS
  3. Hearing and seeing the crowds cheer us on
  4. The Finish Line
  5. Bragging Rights
  6. Powerade and ice cream at the end
  7. The T-Shirt!!
  8. Eating a big lunch
  9. Not having to do stretches after our runs
  10. Running it for the rest of our lives!!!

01 2004

05 2014 Training

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» Will and Sam Reynolds

Jul 1, 2014 at 01:07:30

Go Emmett, Brendan and Leo! We know y’all will kick butt. We’ll be cheering from Charlotte. Will and Sam