Diary of a Marathon Trainee- the push, the sweat, the insanity

October 24th, 2014 | In Running Meets Life, Training

This is my last post. Many of you have already run your race, and the rest of you are winding down to it like I am. It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote my first blogpost about training in the brutal heat of an Atlanta July and the courage it would take to look ahead to a marathon when I couldn’t even run four miles. Somehow, week by week, we got stronger. We made it up that hill. We pushed through that extra mile. We cursed when we pulled off our socks, we cried when we foam rolled, we hobbled and limped, we broke ourselves down and heaved ourselves back up.

Despite how romanticized this long race has become, we didn’t do it for the glory, or at least I don’t believe that we did. There are too many hours and months of inglorious drudgery  to justify it with that one emotional moment of crossing the finish line. I think we sign up for marathons because we know that it’s impossible to build up to 26 miles when we can’t even run four, and we are hungry to prove ourselves wrong. There have been moments every week for the past four months when we couldn’t take another step, and then we gritted our teeth and took another step. That’s what the marathon is about. It is a celebration of pain because pain alone tells us that we are pushing beyond what we should be capable of, and that push is, to me, the ultimate expression of life.

When I was younger, I hated running. I thought marathon runners were insane and inhuman. I still think we’re insane. But now I think that the marathon – the push, the sweat, and yes, even the insanity – is the most human thing of all.

Written by: Emily Overcarsh

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