Atlanta Runner’s Blog Is Back!

February 5th, 2014 | In Events, In The News, Local Running News, Run Reviews, Running Meets Life, Training

Have you ever visited Atlanta Track Club’s Atlanta Runner’s Blog? Did you even know we had a blog?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

We are proud to announce that Atlanta Runner’s Blog is back in action! After some time in limbo, we have brought it back and made it better than ever. The blog will allow us to reach a greater community of runners and walkers who share our passion for health and fitness. We’ll post about local and global running news, the newest training tips and secrets, our staff’s reviews of runs and products, and much more! Keep a look out for our Training Program diaries, motivational messages, recipes, and human interest stories. We’ll also take you back to your younger years and faster times as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary with weekly #ThrowbackThursday posts and images. This blog is a space for you, too. Once a month, we’ll include an “Ask Atlanta Track Club” post where we answer the big questions you have for us! (Please refrain from the “where’s my t-shirt” questions here. We’re looking for those deeper topics that really make us think.)

We warmly welcome you to join us in this adventure that is the Atlanta Runner’s Blog. If you have any stories to share, pictures to show, questions to ask, or runs to review, let us know! You could be the latest Guest Blogger. Just email with your idea, and we’ll be in touch. If you have suggestions on future blog topics, leave them in the comments section.

Happy Running!

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