About The Blog


It all started with one simple question… How can the Atlanta Track Club better serve the metro Atlanta running community? We wanted a way to inspire, engage and build a relationship with the community that we work, live and run in (of course).A simple question turned into an idea, a blog, which has brought us here today. The Atlanta Runner’s Blog is the Atlanta Track Club’s home in the vast blogosphere, full of infinite possibilities; a place for runners and walkers, health advocates, fitness enthusiasts and endearing volunteers to share their passion for running. It’s a place to talk about fartleks, PR’s, long runs and scenes along the way. This blog is our outlet to share training secrets, health tips and stories of inspiration. Our bloggers are Atlanta Track Club employees, volunteers and members of the Atlanta running community. There will be many viewpoints expressed, fitness levels targeted, ideas, and inspirations floating around.Ultimately, this blog is for you. It’s a space managed by runners, for runners, of all ages and paces. It is here to be a resource and a place of conversation. Everyone is encouraged to share his or her comments, questions and insight on the topics covered. Of course, comments containing offensive content will immediately have to be removed.

Finally, if you have a story or topic that you would like to see on the blog, stop by our contact page and drop us a note. Your ideas are important to us.